Sort of Retro Hockey League: League Rules and Other Stuff From the perspective of the Commish replying to a prospective General Manager

(rules as of October 31st, 2018)

Why call it the SORHL?

Well, the league timeframe is only sort of retro, rather than full retro. When one thinks of the word retro, the 70’s, 80’s, even the 90’s (gosh I’m getting old) come to mind. However, the year we chose to start in, the 03-04 season isn’t that retro, hence the title “Sort of Retro Hockey League”. Plus too, the abbreviation “SORHL” sounds kind of amusing when you say it out loud. If you growl it, it sounds a bit like a grizzly bear, or a sound a Pokémon makes.

Ok, that sounds good, but in a hockey context, why start with 03-04 rosters?

03-04 represents a year that is a bit of a turning point in hockey today. You still had a few of the stars of the 80s/early 90s around (Mark Messier, Al MacInnis, Scott Stevens, Adam Oates are 4 examples). At the same time, you have prospects like Ryan Getzlaf, like Henrik Lundqvist, like Duncan Keith ready to make their debuts in the near future. So, because of this, it’s an interesting starting point.

That’s a fascinatingly boring introduction, but I’m still interested. Tell me what I need to do to get started?

 You need to contact the commissioner at to indicate your interest. Then, once the commissioner gives the ok, sign up for the boards and sayjust a brief hello, or  write a long essay on arctic turns, it really makes no difference.

What are some important things I need to know right away once I am in the league?

Since lists are usually the best way of explaining things, and since they seem authoritative, here is a list of only 2 things you need to know at the very very start.

1.      There is the possibility of earning activity points. For example, you can earn activity points by sending in lines, making a trade, doing a league job, writing an article, singing “Stayin Alive” by the Bee-Gees (ok, maybe not the last one). There also will be bonus opportunities to earn extra AP as well, so regular visits to the forum are essential. The AP that you earn can get exchanged for neat rewards as well, which will be outlined on the forum in the AP Totals thread (

2.      Lines are ESSENTIAL! You need to do lines, or people will get very mad at you, which will likely start with creative complaining on the forums about your team only dressing 16 skaters when their team lost to yours. If this happens consistently without good excuse, you may lose your team!!!. To do lines, you will need either the GM Editor program, or access to the Online GM Editor program that will be set up. Plus, they earn activity points when you do them, so no excuses!

3.      The simming schedule will work as follows: If over a two sim day span, the number of games simmed would be 15 or less, the sim will probably be a double sim (there is a running thread on the boards though which may have specific dates). If that number is 16 or more, then there would be only a single sim, unless the first day had 5 or less games. Also, there will be a rest day applied after each Sunday sim, and there will be 2 rest days applied after each playoff round.

4. Our league has a challenge/trade committee system. If you are a newer GM, the reality is that your deals may face greater scrutiny. We want the league to be as competitive as possible, and we will do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. If this doesn’t work for you, then this might not be the right league for you unfortunately.

5. If you have any questions ever about anything, feel free to reach out to the commish either through email, forum PM, Slack, snail mail, carrier pigeon, etc.


Ok, that sounds good (though stop with the bolding and underlining and enlarging thing, it scares me with all three!). What else do we NEED to know?


Instead of another list, let’s make categories this time to change it up, because there is a lot of explaining required for some things.

Loophole Clause

At any given time, the commissioner has the authority to change any rules that have clear loopholes, without notice. This is to protect the league’s competitive integrity. The commissioner also has the right, should it be deemed necessary, to punish GMs who violate loopholes in such a way where it was done in a clearly intentional way. 

GMing Multiple Teams

From time to time, a team may be “vacant”. I may approach other GMs to run that team, in terms of sending lines, or conducting “sensible” trade or free agent activity, to maintain a team at their current state. Under no circumstances though are GMs allowed to “sock puppet”, and control 2 or more teams, without express permission from the commissioner’s office. Anybody who gets caught will be instantly fired, and will be permanently banned from the league.

Roster Rules

Each team is required to have 20 players on their roster at all times. Also, goaltenders will only be allowed to appear in a maximum of 70 games. Once a goaltender has played the equivalent of 70 full starts (4200 minutes), they will be suspended for the remainder of the regular season. Also, if your goaltender gets suspended in this way, your team will lose 20 AP. If you are concerned about having a goaltender accidentally going over the limit due to the sim’s tendency to randomly auto lines, you may request that your goalie gets held out until the playoffs. If you do this, your goalie cannot be reactivated for the rest of the season.

In terms of farm players, a farm player may not have a salary that would exceed $2 million if they were playing on the pro roster, and a team may only have 2 players on the farm that would make between $1 million and 1 cent (players making $1 million and less do not count) and $2 million on the pro roster.


Sending lines is absolutely crucial, as this ensures your roster meets the requirements. Some basic rules…

1.       Teams may not double shift more than 2 players at even strength. If you have 11 forwards and 7 D dressed, you can double shift 1 forward and 1 defenseman. If you have 12 forwards and 6 defensemen dressed, you can double shift 2 defensemen).

a. Effective season 9, 10 forwards and 8 defenseman is no longer a legal line combination.

2.      Any players (forwards or defensemen) double shifted can have their “2nd shift” on the fourth line only.

3.      You also are allowed to play a forward on the point on the power play.

4.      All players who are dressed MUST have a spot on any of the even strength lines or defensive pairings.

5.      You cannot double shift a player on the power play/penalty kill

You may either send lines via email, by using online editor (please email me that you have saved updated lines down on the online editor server). You can also manually request that I auto your lines in the sim, or switch your goalies. Finally, you can email me to confirm you want no line changes, so you can earn your activity points for lines (2 AP per 1 line submission, maximum 1 per day).

The punishment for illegal lines is as follows, depending on time of season

Regular Season: Possible loss of AP (each violation results in losing the equivalent amount of AP that you would get for sending in 1 set of lines). Fines are also possible if it is something done intentionally, rather than out of neglect/not paying attention (up to the commissioner’s discretion on this)

Playoffs: For each incorrect set of lines, teams will be fined up to $10 million, and lose 5 AP. Additionally, the commissioner has the right to suspend a team’s starting goaltender, and highest rated skater, for however many games are left in that series (or, if it happens in a Game 7, the commissioner can either suspend the specified players for all of Round 2 if a team moves on, or for the first 5 games of the following season if they don’t). If the offending team managed to win the series, and the players in question still had games left to serve on their suspensions, they would remain suspended. Also, the punishments escalate should a team continue to do this. If a team gets caught doing it again, suspensions are applied. In addition, if they win the series, they must give their highest first round pick in the next draft, or equivalent prospect/roster player, to the opposing team. If it happened a 3rd time, that GM will be dismissed.

League Discipline

Please note the thread on league discipline at for details on how league discipline works.

Position Changes

Position changes are to be sent to the league email. You may send in as many as you like during the week. Additionally, below are the acceptable sources for a position change…, TSN, Sportsnet, Hockey Reference, Hockey DB, Yahoo Sports, Elite Prospects

Other sources may be added as needed/requested. Obscure news articles, hockey cards, and other sources along those lines will no longer be accepted as valid position change sources. Also, you can anonymously challenge a player’s position on a different team as well. If a player gets challenged in this way, the GM of the team with that player will be notified, and given one day to provide an iron clad source. However, to prevent frivoulous challenges, failed position challenges will result in $5 million fines for the challenging team.

Assistant General Managers

There will often be situations where the league is full. For those situations, if the person is interested, they will be allowed to join to be an assistant general manager for a team. When teams open up, if there are multiple assistant GMs at any one time, the first crack at taking the open team will go to whoever has been an assistant GM the longest. The exception to this is if a GM is fired/resigns, and their team has an assistant GM. In this case, that assistant GM gets first dibs. The restrictions on assistant general managers are as follows

1.      AGMs cannot post trades/trade blocks/sign free agents/sign unassigned players

2.      AGMs can negotiate re-signings/post articles (limit of one team article and one league article per week that resets on Mondays)/send lines/have a league job (ie. They can be TC/player agent/AP manager/Salary Cop/etc)


Each team will appoint a captain and 2 assistants at the start of the season. Captains receive a permanent +10 ex/ld boost, and will receive permanent +5 ex/ld boosts for each subsequent seasons that they are captain. Assistants receive permanent +5 ex/ld boosts. For each season that a player is a captain, they will gain a point to be used on an attribute. This will be capped at 3 points though.

Here is an example of how captain points may work.

Pittsburgh Season 1 Captain: Ryan Malone

If Malone is named captain in season 2: 1 attribute point

“” “” “” Season 3: 2 attribute points

“” “” “” Season 4: 3 attribute points

“” “” “” Season 5: 3 attribute points


If Pittsburgh captaincy switches to Rob Scuderi in Season 2


Season 2 points: 0

Season 3 points: 1 (etc etc for rest of seasons)


EX/LD/DI Points

New for Season 8 are the EX/LD/DI points that will be distributed. This is being done to combat how FHL generally hates giving anything in these categories.


a. Effective Season 11, teams will get a specific amount of EX/LD points that can be applied in a certain way. For Season 11 only, it will be 75 EX and 75 LD points, for a total of 150. There also is no point limitations per player for Season 11 only, so if you wanted to throw all 150 points on one player, go for it. For Season 12 and onward, teams will have 45 EX and 45 LD points, for a total of 90. A player will be limited to only being able to go up by 20 EX and 20 LD, for a total of 40 points.


b. Each team will also now get 10 free DI points, as well as 2 DI appeals that would work purely as restoring appeals only


Salary Cap

Maximum Cap: $56 million

Minimum Cap (cap floor): $30 million (the floor disappears though 1 week before the trade deadline)


Teams will be required to always be cap compliant during the regular season. After a 1st verbal warning, failure to abide by either the maximum or minimum will result in an indefinite suspension of a team’s best rated player until the problem is fixed. If the problem is not fixed within 3 days, then the team’s next best player will also be suspended indefinitely until the problem is fixed. If for some reason a team goes a full week being in violation of the cap, then that GM will be fined $10 million. If this somehow stretched out to 2 weeks, that GM will automatically be fired. Also, during the offseason, teams will be allowed to go over the maximum by $6 million, and do not have to follow the minimum at all up until the start date for the season is declared. Once this happens, teams will no longer be allowed to add salary above the actual cap, and will have until the season starts to get cap compliant.



A trade must be posted on the forums, and have both parties agree to it (three way trades are not allowed). Every trade is subject to review by the trade committee. Once both parties have agreed, both parties are required to agree if they back out of a trade. Also, any conditions that are a part of a trade, like say if a team will camp a player for the other team, cannot be backed out of either. If you try to back out of a condition like that, the commissioner will be very very mad at you, so don’t do it.

Another important thing to note with trading is rentals. Effective Season 3, in a time frame that will begin a week before the trade deadline, teams will be allowed to trade for rental players. These players will have a cap hit for a team that is proportionate to the remaining number of games left in the season. For example, if Player X is making $4 million a year, and gets traded as a rental when there is 25% of the season left, Player X’s new cap hit will be $1 million for the remainder of the season (please note that this is an example. You do need to do the math, it is not an automatic 25%). There are a number of things to keep in mind with rentals though beyond how much their cap hit is. For example

1.      That player MUST have a contract that is expiring that season, or is a player that has announced their retirement

2.      The player can be any age, as long as their contract is expiring

3.      Any player who ends up as a rental, no matter how old they are, will automatically be a UFA at the end of the season.

4.      If you trade a player who becomes a rental, you are not allowed to re-acquire him period, even if that player subsequently gets traded to a different team after you have traded him


With waivers, all players who are sent down to the minors that are 24 years of age or older are subject to being potentially claimed.  There is also a games played exemption of 25 career games. Waiver priority is based on the order of the standings on any given day, with the worst team in the league having top priority. Teams may also only place a claim on one player per day.

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline will be around the 80% point of the season.

Re-Signings and Free Agency

UFA Age: 30 (effective Season 3: for re-signing purposes, players who are 29 and up during the current season. 28 and under during the current season are considered RFAs)

UFA Slots per team: 1 (Teams can trade away their slot, or hold a maximum of 2 slots. Effective Season 12, what you did with your slot the previous season no longer matters)

Minimum Salary in a Contract: $500,000

Maximum Salary in a Contract: $10,000,000

Maximum Term in a Contract: 5 years

Deadlines for re-signing your own free agents: The end of the playoffs for UFAs, as well as signing a RFA to a full contract. RFAs may be still given a qualifying offer though up until the end of the draft. A qualifying offer is a 1 year offer at 125% of the RFAs current salary. This will expose them though to be bid on, which GMs will have the right to match. The compensation for RFAs if a GM does not match is…


Average Annual Value (AAV)


$500,000 - $850,000

1 Years’ Salary

$850,001 - $1,250,000

3rd Round Pick & 1 Years Salary

$1,250,001 - $2,500,000

2nd Round Pick & 1 Years Salary

$2,500,001 - $3,750,000

(1) 1st Round Pick & (1) 3rd Round Pick & 1 Years Salary

$3,750,001 - $5,000,000

(1) 1st Round Pick & (1) 2nd Round Pick & (1) 3rd Round Pick & 1 Years Salary

$5,000,001 - $6,250,000

(2) 1st Round Pick & (1) 2nd Round Pick & (1) 3rd Round Pick & 1 Years Salary

$6,250,001 - $10,000,000

(4) 1st Round Picks & 1 Years Salary


Any draft picks involved in the compensation MUST be the team’s own draft picks for the offer to be valid. Also, if you fail to qualify a RFA, they will be considered a UFA


Free Agency: Free agency will usually start within a week of the draft. Free agents will be bid on via the forums, and will accept the highest annual average value offer in a thread, if it has not been bested within 24 hours. No team is allowed to have a bid on more than 2 players in the forum bidding.  Also, effective Season 4, players who were signed during the previous offseason cannot be dealt until 1 week before the trade deadline.

Are buyouts allowed?: You may buyout/release a player at any time. To do so, you must pay 100% of whatever a player is owed on a contract. So for example, if player X has 2 years left on a contract that pays him $6,000,000 per season, you have to pay $12,000,000 out of your team funds.

What about signing bonuses?: Signing bonuses are permitted. They cannot exceed 100% of a players yearly salary. So, if a player say is being offered a deal at $5,000,000 per year, the maximum signing bonus is $5,000,000.

How about No-Trade Clauses?: For now, they cannot be offered as a part of any contract.

The Mark Giordano Rule: Any free agents who were signed the previous season that were RFA aged must be offered at least 66% of their previous contract’s value in a re-signing negotiation. For example, if Mark Giordano signed a 1 year, $10 million salary contract, he must be offered $6.6 million in his next negotiation for him to consider re-signing with that team. Also, to be allowed to drop your player by 66%, you MUST commit to a 3 year deal. If you choose to want a 1 year deal, the player MUST be paid the same he was making.

Anything Else?: Go to to see a more detailed breakdown of specific bidding rules for the free agency period.




Retirements will be handled by a special program designed for this very thing by an advanced computer science student from MIT that was originally designed for the CIA, or so I have heard. Any player that is 35 years old and older will be subject to it, though stars are less likely to retire. Also, unassigned players that are deemed “useless” will be retired as well, to get them out of the sim system. Retirements will usually be announced around the half-way point of the season.


Draft Lottery


The first three picks will be available for all non-playoff teams in a lottery. The lottery odds are as follows…


Team 1 17.7%
Team 2 11.8%
Team 3 10.7%
Team 4 9.6%
Team 5  8.6%
Team 6  7.2%

Team 7  6.4%
Team 8  5.6%
Team 9  4.9%
Team 10  4.2%
Team 11  3.5%
Team 12  2.8%
Team 13  2.4%
Team 14  2.0%
Team 15  1.6%
Team 16  1.0%


The playoff teams will be sorted as follows



Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team


Playoff team (17 through 28 will be based on where teams finished in the standings)


Conference finalist


Conference finalist


Stanley Cup runner-up


Stanley Cup champion


The Draft


The draft will be done via a chat room of some sort (though not one of those webcam chat rooms where you chat up some porn star, so don’t get your hopes up, it’s just a draft!!!). The draft will consist of 3 rounds. If you cannot make the draft, please submit a list to the commissioner or a designated list taker (most likely the co-commish). Failure to at least submit a list is grounds for dismissal, if there was no good excuse.


Also, we do have diamonds in the rough each draft. Any draft pick from 33-96 is eligible to be selected as a diamond in the rough. The following are the potential boosts that a diamond in the rough could receive from their projected ratings.


1 player gains +5 ov and becomes an A

1 player gains +3 ov and becomes an A

2 players gain +2 ov and 1 letter grade

2 players gain +1 ov and a letter grade if they are a C

Rerates and Appeals


Type of Rerate: Sim rerate

Appeals Possible?: Of course, since we are relying on the horribly brutal awesome FHLSim rerate. Each team gets 4 of them.

What Types of Appeals are there?: There is only 1 type of appeal


Restoring Appeal

This is an appeal which may be used on any player who was 35 or under the previous season. This type of appeal will only restore a player to his old ratings, with one exception. If a player went down in most attributes, but went up in any of DI, EX, or LD, they will be allowed to keep any boosts earned. Also, starting in Season 6, please note that any players that were signed in free agency cannot be appealed, even if the player re-signs with his original team that he was on prior to free agency.

Will NHL Rerates ever be allowed?: These are unlikely to ever happen at this point. This is to control ratings, and because we don’t need to 100% mirror the NHL.

Will Rerate Appeals (IE. Making a case to the commish that player x can go from 74 to 79 overall) be allowed?: These could eventually be considered, but like the NHL rerates, they are unlikely. 


Training Camps


Each team will get 4 training camps. There is no overall restriction on camps, but you may only send players aged 25 and under to training camps. You also cannot send more than 1 player to a specific camp (ie. You cannot send player X and Y to sniper camp. You may only send one or the other). Each camp will cost $3 million. Here are the types of camps for players. Also, while it says later on that players who are drafted don’t get to be dice rolled until next season’s dice rolls, you CAN camp a freshly drafted player if you choose to create him that season. There are also midseason camps, where each team gets 3 camps (these camps do not cost anything).


Camp Name

Player Position for Camp

Boosts from Camp (Regular)

Boosts from Camp (Midseason)

Top Shelf Camp


+3 SC, +2 PC, +1 PA or DF

+2 SC, +1 PC, +1 PA or DF

Silky Mitts Camp


+4 PC, +2 SK, +2 PA

+3 PC, +1 SK, +1 PA

Ice Vision Camp


+3 PA, +2 PC, +1 SC or DF

+2 PA, +1 PC, +1 SC or DF

Learn How to PK Camp


+4 DF, +1 SK, +1 SP, + 2 IT

+3 DF, +1 SK, +1 SP, +1 IT

Power Forward Camp


+2 IT, +2 ST, +2 SC, +2 PC

+2 IT, +2 ST, +1 SC, +1 PC

All Around Camp


+1 SC, +1 DF, +1 PA, +1 PC, 1 point to be put on either PC or DF, 1 point to be put on either PA or SC, 2 points that can be put on any combo of IT/ST/SP/SK

+1 SC, +1 DF, +1 PA, +1 PC, 1 extra point that can be put on IT/ST/SP/SK

Conditioning Camp


+7 EN, +7 DU, an additional +2 to be put on either EN or DU if not a goalie

+5 EN, +5 DU, +2 on either EN/DU if not a goalie

Learn Discipline Camp


+10 DI

+10 DI

Road Runner Camp


+3 SP, +3 SK, +2 on PC or DF

+2 SP, +2 SK, +1 on PC or DF

PP QB Camp


+2 PA, +2 SC, +2 PC, 3 points to go on SK/SP

+1 PA, +1 SC, +1 PC, 2 points to go on SK/SP

Stay at Home Camp


+3 DF, +3 IT or ST, +2 IT or ST (you may choose one of IT or ST to give 3, and the other will gain by 2)

+2 DF, +2 IT or ST, +1 IT or ST

Athletic Goalie Camp


+3 SP, +2 SK, +2 any stat except PC or ST

+2 SP, +2 SK, +1 any stat except PC or ST

Positional Goalie Camp


+3 PC, +2 ST, +2 any stat except SP or SK

+2 PC, +2 ST, +1 any stat except SP or SK

All Around Goalie Camp


+1 SP, +1 SK, +1 PC, +1 ST, 1 point for either SP or SK, 1 point for either PC or ST

+1 SP, +1 SK, +1 PC, +1 ST, 1 point extra on any of these stats

Hit the Weights Camp


+4 IT, +4 ST, +1 DF or PC

+3 IT, +3 ST, +1 DF or PC


AP Usage

Please see the below for the current rewards for earning AP as of Season 10.

175 x minimum 2, maximum 4 Pick Your Dice: Pay a 50 AP premium per dice roll, and you can have the option of picking which re-rolls belong to which prospects chosen

200 Raised from the Dead: Any prospect rated C prior to dice rolls can be reverted to a 68/B automatically, no strings attached

200 Potential Booster: Boost a prospect's potential by one letter

200 Persuasion: Can negotiate a contract with a rental player

150 Re-Roll: Have a re-roll on 1 prospect's dice roll result

150 Rejuvenate: Delay for 1 season the retirement of a player

125 Discipline: 10 DI points to be spent in any way a team wants (can be bought up to 2 times)

125 Give Me Life: 5 EN/DU points to be spent in any way a team wants (can be bought up to 2 times, teams can only use maximum of 4 points on a goalie)

050 Making the Jump: Extra prospect creations. This can be used an infinite number of times

010 Money Grows on Trees: 500k cash fund


Prospect Creations

Each team will be allowed to create up to 4 prospects each offseason

Prospect Development

Each team will know what their prospect’s projected overalls are, as well as the type of player they will be. This will be done with a table that will be updated at the end of each draft to reflect which teams own a prospect’s rights. In the SORHL, we are also going to try a new method known as the “dice roll” method for developing prospects.


The rules for Dice Rolls

1.   A dice roll result may only change if either the Pick Your Dice or Dice Re-roll AP rewards are used after the fact. This does not guarantee though that the new result will be positive. There will be a tight window before training camps are processed to request a dice re-roll.

2.   Players on the prospect table may only change overall if put through a dice roll

3.   Player’s potential can change through 5 ways…

a.      Using the AP reward “Potential Boost” (costs 300 AP)

b.      If an A potential prospect pre-dice roll is labelled with red text as the result of a dice roll, their potential has dropped to a B

c.      If a B potential prospect pre dice roll is labelled with green text, they have gone up to an A. If they are labelled with red text, they are now a C.

d.      If an A prospect is still on your list once they turn 23, they become a B automatically, and will remain a B permanently, even if they have a subsequent positive dice roll.

e.      If a C level prospect gets to 69 overall before the age of 22, they automatically switch to an A. The exception is if a B rated player rolls down at any point. If a B player rolls down, and their overall is 69 or above, they only shift to an A on their next positive re-roll result. If their result stays the same, or decreases, but their overall would still be 69 or above, they remain a C. Finally, if a C hits 69 overall at 23 or older, they become a B instead of an A.

4.   Once a player reaches the age of 26, they are automatically created that offseason

5.    All prospects on the prospect table will be dice rolled.


 Legend for Dice Rolls

A: A sure thing kind of player. Very unlikely to go down in overall, but top boost is not as high as a B

B: Boom or bust type of player. This player will either go up a lot, or go down a lot.

C: This player will likely stay around their projected overall. They will only go up a bit, or go down a bit

Dice Roll Result

A Ov Boost

B Ov Boost

C Ov Boost


























Here is the example for the dice roll system


Montreal Pre Dice Roll

Prospect Name


Projected OV



Type of Player

Andrei Kostitsyn






Maxim Lapierre





Defensive Forward

Ryan O’Byrne





Defensive Defenseman

Alexander Sulzer





2-Way Defenseman


Montreal Post Dice Roll

Prospect Name


Projected OV



Type of Player

Andrei Kostitsyn






Maxim Lapierre





Defensive Forward

Ryan O’Byrne





Defensive Defenseman

Alexander Sulzer





2-Way Defenseman


Any player in red had a “negative” result, any player in blue stayed the same, and any player in green had a positive result. Players in black were not dice rolled.


Types of Prospects


Here is another table on what types of players there are in the prospect pool. These will also be used at draft time, and will be recorded in updated prospect tables, to give GMs an idea of what the drafted players will look like.


Type of Player

What this means


Higher SC


Higher PA


Higher PC


Well rounded with higher DF

Defensive Forward

Higher DF

Power Forward

Higher IT and ST stats, with good offense


Higher IT and ST stats, with average to bad offense

Offensive Defenseman

Higher PA, PC and SC, lower DF

Defensive Defenseman

Higher DF, lower offensive stats

Two Way Defenseman

A mix of good offensive and defensive stats

Athletic Goaltender

Higher SP and SK

Positional Goaltender

Higher PC and ST


This table may be revised later, but this will likely be how players will be described for at least the first 2 drafts.


Other Relevant Rules


Some of the rules I have already compiled in specific places on the boards. See the below links for relevant topics


Player and GM Discipline:

Re-Signing Guidelines:

Free Agency Period Rules:

AP Usage:


Wow, that is information overload. If I have any more questions, what should I do?


I already provided the league email at the start, but so you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, you can email me at if you have more questions. Also, if you are a present GM and reading this, you can private message me or Skype me at any time.