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For All the Marbles

Image result for Boston Bruins vs Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim and Boston will play for the cup

1. Rerates are out now, per the above. Trading will re-open next Wednesday, May 29th, when it turns to that date in your area.

2. Entry draft will be at 7 PM Eastern on Friday, May 31st. There will be no vote for this, as it's the only time I'll be able to run the draft while on my week off.

3. Rejuvenates need to be posted in http://sorhl.proboards.com/thread/10709/season-13-ap-usage. If you post any other AP usage before all of it opens up, your AP will not be processed, AND you will forfeit that AP.

Draft Lottery Odds

Slot Original Pick Owner Current Pick Owner
1. Detroit * PICKING 3rd* Detroit
2. Nashville *WINNER, PICKING 1st* Nashville
3. Las Vegas Las Vegas
4. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
5. Quebec Anaheim
6. Ottawa Ottawa
7. Washington Columbus
8. New Jersey Chicago
9. St. Louis St. Louis
10. Montreal Montreal
11. Phoenix Phoenix
12. Minnesota Minnesota
13. Carolina *PICKING 2nd* Carolina
14. San Jose San Jose
15. Winnipeg Calgary
16. Dallas New York Rangers

Playoff Links

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Round 3 Schedule: http://sorhl.com/SORHL12PLF-Round3-Schedule.html

Round 4 Schedule: http://sorhl.com/SORHL12PLF-Round4-Schedule.html

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